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Re: [FAQ?] Re: [Mingw-users] Cygwin Full download in one big archive?

Robert Collins wrote:
I'm not about to actively maintain two forms of setup that are so
different. And until someone offers to do that, I think it is a
reasonable assumption to make that the install form you start with you
continue with.
Errmm...I musta missed something. I wasn't suggesting you do any such thing.

Also, I supported having a 'install-in-one-hit-everything' in setup
earlier in my email, where you did not quote.
Right, it wasn't germane to the "how the heck can I **download** everything" problem. Setup, as we all know, is NOT a generic mirroring tool.

Now, for grabbing everything at once, there are many ways:
wget ~= setup ~= winwget ~= ftp mget ~= tool foo
and they are *all* orthogonal to the monolithic download discussion.
Sortof. I assumed <i>a priori</i> that a 557MB tarball is a bad idea. It was discussed in one of the two messages I posted a link to. IIRC this whole thread started because somebody wanted to download the whole cygwin schlmeil in order to *inspect* the binaries or sources; not to install it. And he didn't relish an afternoon's worth of point-n-click.

I'm trying to highlight the weakness's with a monolithic download, not
the pros and cons of a full-install strategy.
I thought "installation" wasn't the issue ANYWAY. It was just *downloading*. It's a given that we are NOT going to make 600MB tarballs, or daily-updated .iso's. So, how to solve the original poster's problem (and address the somewhat squirrelly issue of modem users)?

I suggested using a a reasonable fascimile of a mirroring tool (e.g. wget, plus a GUI for the cmdline-challenged) to handle the *download*.

I didn't say (because I thought it was obvious) that IF one wanted to actually install cygwin -- which was NOT the case for the original poster who started this thread, I think -- you'd use setup.exe and point it at the nice local collection of files wget downloaded for you. And then for updates, you'd point setup.exe back to the normal mirrors.

I was not, in any way, suggesting that setup learn how to parse a cygwin "installation" created by some moron unzipping a bunch of tarballs by hand. No way. Never.


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