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Re: Can't run Macro Express from within Cygwin bash shell

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Jack Twilley wrote:

> >>>>> "Bjoern" == Bjoern Kahl <AG Resy <>> writes:
> Bjoern>  Hallo !
> Bjoern>  Just a stupid question:
> Bjoern>  What programm do you try to run with "Macro Express" ?  You
> Bjoern> can not run a Windows-GUI-Application (e.g. everything that
> Bjoern> pops up a window or dialog) in a remote shell.  There is no
> Bjoern> such thing as MS-Windows GUI-forwarding.
> It's not a stupid question at all.  My macro starts and stops
> performance counter logs, and it uses that by passing along
> instructions to a GUI application (perfmon.exe).  If that won't work
> from a remote shell, it's back to the drawing board for me.
> Do you have any suggestions on how to do this on Win2kAS?
> Bjoern>     Bjoern
> Jack.


I'm assuming by "remote shell" you mean a bash started from an ssh session
to your computer.  If security is not an issue, set the "Allow service to
interact with desktop" bit on the sshd service.  That way, you should be
allowed to open GUI apps, access network shares, etc.
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