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RE: setup troubles: Download incomplete

>From: Kris Thielemans
>Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 17:13:31 -0000
>Subject: setup troubles: Download incomplete


>This happens with both the default setup and the latest beta
>I thought it might have to do with "out of disk space", but I'm no sure.
>When I cleaned up a bit, setup did download some more stuff, but then I got
>the same message (still 93 MB free).

Disk space could still be the problem.  Depends on what you still need to 
download and how big it is.

>On the disk space front, can anyone tell me why setup stores copies of
>in subdirectories named after the mirror. This means that I end up with
>several copies of the same .tar.bz2 files, as I often have to switch
>(they seem to be very busy once in a while).

If you're really looking for details, check the email archives on this.
The reason for the differing directories, what they contain, and even 
utilities for "cleaning them up" have been discussed before.  However, 
you should not be ending up with the exact same files from each mirror,
at least if you keep your set of mirrors constant.  Pick the few that 
work best for you and don't change them.  That's the easiest solution for 
this problem.  If you see something that would suggest that a persistent
set of mirrors will give you the same package files for each mirror, 
please provide the list with a list of steps that shows this behavior.



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London W12 ONN, United Kingdom

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