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suitable cygwin subset question

I'm developing a multithread app on cygwin (well, porting from LInux,
actually), which uses Oracle OCI for client services. So far it's running
well on my development box.

Just tried an experiment, in which I took my program and its necessary data
files, and the cygwin DLLs reported by cygcheck (cygwin1.dll, cygz.dll) to
another windows machine, one that has NO cygwin stuff on it at all. Dropped
all those files in a directory (for simplicity, I know it's not the
long-term right way to do it).

My app starts up just fine, it receives its input (via tcp), drops it in
its queue and sits there forever. It's got another thread that pulls things
out of the queue, processes them and sends off to the Oracle database. But
somehow it never seems to actually get anything sent.

When I tell the app to terminate, its behavior makes it plain that it's
down inside the bowels of the OCI code (as compared to being in my
higher-level code that polls the queue), so my guess is it's blocking
somewhere in Oracle for some unknown-to-me reason.

So this all is a prelude to the question: What's the minimum subset of
stuff I need to move, and is it necessary to actually run a cygwin
installer (for registry setups, maybe???) or will simply putting files in
the "right place" work?

Bash, strace, and ps all seem to work on this configuration, if it means

My apologies about the somewhat vague question, I don't know how to be more
specific without posting a billion lines of crap. Anybody needs some
specific info I'll be glad to provide it.


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