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rsyncd corrupts ownership and file permissions


rsyncd corrupts ownership and file permissions. Any thoughts on this?

I'm using the latest distribution of rsync: rsync-2.5.5, running on a
windows 2000 box. I'm backing up to a 120 GB ntfs disk.

In my /etc/rsyncd.conf file I have the Global Option


which happens to be the account I use when I log on to that server. It
seems to have no effect. The backup seems to go well the first time but
the second all the file permissions are odd. They don't belong to the
above user but to "nobody" or nt's version of that. I can't modify
directories. And so on.

On my server at home I get similar behavior but since it is running XP
Home the only way I can fix the file permissions is to boot into safe

Any insights would be much appreciated.


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