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Re: Can't run Macro Express from within Cygwin bash shell

At 10:46 PM 12/4/2002, Jack Twilley wrote:
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael A Chase <Michael> writes:
>Jack> Your solution works with a local bash shell but not a remote
>Jack> one.  Any idea why?  While logged in remotely, I can ls both the
>Jack> binary and the macro file, so it's not a permissions thing, or I
>Jack> don't think it is anyway.
>Michael> What part is failing?  Is cygpath.exe running at all?  Is
>Michael> cygpath.exe converting the PerfmonMacros.mex path correctly?
>Michael> Is meproc.exe running at all?  What happens if you try to run
>Michael> meproc.exe with other arguments?  ...
>I'm sorry for the completely lame response of mine.  I'll be more
>specific.  The cygpath.exe program works the same for both local and
>remote shells.  It gives the same response each time.  Since the
>meproc.exe program runs properly on the local shell, I have to assume
>that the cygpath.exe program is converting the path correctly.  I'm
>not exactly sure how to tell if the meproc.exe program is running "at
>all".  There is a delay, and then I get another prompt.  Running
>the meproc.exe program with other arguments gives me the same results.
>When I run the meproc.exe program without arguments with truss, it
>returns errno 53.  I don't know what Cygwin uses errno 53 for, but
>FreeBSD uses it for ECONNABORT, which doesn't make much sense.

These are Cygwin error messages.  They're from Windows.  Remember, Cygwin
is a layer over the Windows API.  So...

$ net helpmsg 53
The network path was not found.

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