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RE: Thank you!


We use cl / msdev on Win32, c++ / gcc on Linux, Solaris and OSX, using the same 
approach (make vars).  Also, we usually build for Solaris using the gcc cross-compiler on 
Linux, as our Linux build box is far faster than our Solaris boxes (Netra something or 



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> > because of it, we can build our code on multiple platforms 
>                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Just curious, do you build with gcc on each platform, or do you use
> normative, native compilers on each platform?  I use make variables to
> execute the Microsoft cl.exe compiler under cygwin, CC on Solaris, and gcc
> on Linux, from the same set of NFS-mounted Makefiles and source code. This
> allows simultaneous builds. Both cmake and imake require configuring a new
> set of Makefiles for each platform.
> Does anyone else do something similar?
> --Gershon Kagan
> Software Team Leader, Technologies Division, Orbotech
> The opinions herein might not be those of Orbotech.

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