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Apologies if this sends more than once but I dont think it did the first

I have created a .mak file type in windows and made the following its
default action

C:\Cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login -cvx +e "TEMP=$(mktemp); $(make -f $0 &>
$TEMP) || less $TEMP; rm $TEMP" %1

the intention being to be able to make a makefile by double clicking its
icon and capture the output if there are any errors. This worked fine
whatever way I have cygwin setup on my windows 98 machine but on 2000 I have
a problem. I have a Makefile.mak which contains the rule

Lexer.c: Lexer.l

(using the implict rule for lexing). When I try making it (by double
clicking) it complains that make cannot find a rule to make Lexer.l needed
by Lexer.c. Lexer.l is of course in the working directory but it doesnt seem
to find it. Ive added .: to the PATH all over the place!
/home/alan/.bash_profile (which now just looks like

export PATH=$PATH:.

), /etc/profile, and /etc/profile.default all have it. I could continue
adding this randomly but thought it wiser to just ask. How do I do what I
want? Perhaps theres something I could add to the action above that makes it
look in . for files.


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