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Re: Bash puzzle: Spaces, environment variables and tab completion

> What I want to do is define an environment
> variable so I can easily cd or ls.  E.g.
> % PF="/cygdrive/c/Program Files"
> % cd $PF
> % ls $PF/Games
> % ls $PF/G<tab completion!>
> The above is close, I can
> % cd "$PF"; ls "$PF"/Games; and even
> ls "$PF"/G<tab> however, the quotes are clunky.

That's the bash way. You can get omit the enclosing quotes if you
change the IFS environment variable like this IFS="".
Note that this may harm execution of your commands/scripts. Read
the bash man page for more information.

My (bypass) solution to your problem is to make a symlink to the
desired directory without spaces in it and use that file name.
e.g. ln -s "/cygdrive/c/Program Files" ~/PF

The advantage of this "bypass" is that you can use the symlink in
scripts without defining the environment variable for each one.


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