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RE: HOME set to / [Was: cygwin-1.3.16-1]

> From: Joseph Marcel
> I've run into this problem as well on Windows 2000 after my 
> upgrade yesterday.

Upgrade or clean install?

> I'm getting around it by unsetting HOME in /etc/profile (as the first 
> line), so /etc/profile will do what it has been doing in the past 
> (important for 1st time users on our team).
> A side effect, I'm fairly certain, my Id changed as well.  My home was 
> always /home/Administrator (the user on the machine); even though 
> I log on 
> to a domain.  'id -un' formerly returned Administrator???  I created a 
> symbolic link (ln -s /home/Adminstrator /home/jmarcel).
> So, potentially two issues:
>    1) HOME is set to /;
>    2) Id is now that of my domain (jmarcel:unknown), and I think it was 
> Administrator:none (which I'm less concerned with, as our machines are 
> single user laptops/clients);

The way this is set has changed and *should* work ootb with a clean

The easiest way (I believe) atm is to...

$ cp /etc/group /etc/group.old
$ cp /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.old
$ /etc/postinstall/

this should recreate /etc/group and /etc/passwd (check before
closing!)  Then close and restart cygwin.  You should now
be your domain user *not* your local Admin.

Also note that /etc/profile has changed, the new version
is kept as /etc/profile.default and should not overwrite any
previous copy.

The functionality has changed slightly.  It doesn't run
~/.bashrc by default, as per specs it runs ~/.bash_profile
which should check and, if appropriate, run ~/.bashrc

Feel free to change how this works - it is your system
afterall :)


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