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rebase-0.4 patch


The attached patch changes your version of rebase as follows:

    1. Round NewImageSize (to the nearest 0x10000) to be consistent
       with MS's rebase.
    2. Fix bug when rebasing up.

Are you willing to accept these changes -- in particular, #2?

If so, then I would like to offer the following too:

    1. gcc 3.2 patches (completed)
    2. conversion to librebase.a patch (to be completed)

My plan is as follows:

    1. Convert your rebase into a library, librebase.a.
    2. Merge librebase.a with my stand-alone, non-persistent rebase.
    3. Release this rebase so there is one version that supports all
       users (including Me) and all DLLs (including ones that need
       fix-up due to stripping).
    4. Merge the above into my stand-alone, persistent rebase.
    5. Submit a setup.exe patch with the above functionality.
    6. When setup.exe patch is accepted, release stand-alone, persistent
       rebase that can be used for DLLs not installed by setup.exe.


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