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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated cygwin package: rxvt-2.7.9-2

Steve O <> wrote around 02 Dec 2002"> 

> rxvt is a terminal program that can be used instead of the windows
> command shell.

Hi, Steve,

Is there _anything_ that can be done about the cursor shape in rxvt? That 
_od-awful block cursor that obscures the character lying under it drives me 
nuts. Past messages on this List seemed to indicate in my reading, that 
this wasn't reconfigurable -- that we are stuck with it. That alone would 
make me not be infavor of rxvt becoming the default Cygwin terminal --even 
tho I am using Win98 (part of the time).

If there is nothing that can be done at run time, can you suggest a place 
in the src code for me to start looking at, to change it at build time?

    Soren A

P.S. In case it isn't obvious to someone, what I would want to see instead 
of the block cursor is a flashing underscore-bar (or even a static bar) 
like in the native Win32 console.

Yes, it's really Sören, not Soren.

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