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Re: IOV_MAX value


I think that definition of IOV_MAX is telling you that there is no pre-defined limit. Ordinarily we don't complain about such things, but if you write code that statically allocates a resource based on such a limit indication, you're in trouble.

I notice that there are two definitions of IOV_MAX. One is in /usr/include/limits.h and the other is in /usr/include/sys/limits.h. The latter gives 1024, the former has the (__INT_MAX__ - 1) value you mention. The file in /usr/include/sys/ identifies itself as originating in Berkeley Unix (FreeBSD), while the one in /usr/include identifies itself as a Cygwin component.

Others have worked on building ACE under Cygwin, so you might want to check the email archives.

Randall Schulz
Mountain VIew, CA USA

At 11:37 2002-12-03, Christophe Galerne wrote:

I am trying to compile the ACE framework on cygwin.

One of the problem I have is that they are using arrays
of size IOV_MAX on the stack.

Since IOV_MAX is defined in limits.h as
#define IOV_MAX (__INT_MAX__-1)
that turns out to be problematic....

Looking on some other platforms I see that IOV_MAX is typically
define to be [16, 1024]. So I just want to make sure that IOV_MAX
is correctly defined.


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