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Re: Resolved Re: gcc-3.2-1/i686-pc-cygwin/gcc/genflags is segfaulting

Dear fellow hackers,

Thank you all for providing cygwin, it is a great toolkit, 
I use it every day and recommend it to everyone who uses windows.

I dont have any problems with the support, my sacrastic remarks got a
negative response, not the desired one.

So I retract any sarcasm.  Apologies if I have insulted anyone here, I
know that you all put alot of hard work into cygwin.

cygwin is great, and the gcc 3.2 is working fine now. 
I have subscribed to the announce list, I will test the future releases
of the gcc 3.2 and report any bugs I found.

> I guess the assumption there is that
> the responder is actually purposefully withholding information.  Why
> someone  would assume that, I don't know.

I dont believe that at all. I guess all the answers to my questions
would have been available to me if I read the list more carefully, I
know that chris was not happy about me writing to him personally, after
he stated on the list that he does not appreciate it. 

I was just quite suprized that noone said "oh, i am building 3.2-1 fine
under cygwin itself". Very suprized in fact, but if chris is using the
cross compiler, then it could be that none has recompiled this very
version number, or if they did, saw the message or felt like answering.

Silly me in thinking that something positive would come from making
sarcastic jibes, it looks like I am not making any friends with my

> Feel free to jump in and try to natively build any package which is
> of  interest to you and report any problems you find.  Patches are
> welcomed as well.

Well since the problem as righted itself, I dont think there is any
need, if it was reoccuring, then I would try and debug some more, but I
just wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem.

Please accept my apologies, and I will try and read the mailling list
some more, maybe even make a cygwin-gcc faq if there is none yet.


James Michael DuPont

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