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AW: cygwin emacs: broken key mappings

Setting CYGWIN=tty did solve the C-c mapping. C-SPC and C-h remain, however.
I also noticed that C-@ is broken.

I also get the very same errors (C-SPC, C-h and C-@ are broken) under Linux
(Suse 8.0 I think) using Emacs (Version 23.n) in a ssh-window. I think that
this is an emacs problem and not a cygwin one. I'm using ISO-Latin-1 (or
something like that) character set and a German keyboard. That could be the
problem. Anyone out there in Europe, who doesn't experience the mapping
error (console Emacs)?

Jason Dufair wrote:
>I'm having this same problem and have tty in my CYGWIN env var.  I
>run X and really don't care to, so xterm and rxvt aren't options.  Is
>there anything I can do to fix this?
>Joe Buehler wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> The emacs C-c, C-h and C-SPC keys are broken:
>>     C-c   maps to C-g
>>     C-SPC maps to SPC
>>     C-h   maps to DEL
>> Make sure you have "tty" in your CYGWIN variable.
>> Also, I believe that there is a post from an emacs guru in the last
>> couple months that complains about the way certain keys are handled
>> in the default Cygwin console, so you might try and xterm or rxvt.
>> Joe Buehler

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