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Re: ls.exe shows windows system hidden files


Cygwin uses stock "ls" source code. Cygwin's "ps" is entirely it's own--it's all "distinctly Cygwin."

I still think an orthogonal approach is what's called for here. Otherwise, the number of commands that could reasonably be expected to have this sort of functionality would be much to large to each be so modified.

As Chris F. just suggested, something based on the Windows-supplied "attrib" command would fit the bill.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View

At 17:07 2002-12-02, you wrote: wrote:


Try to remember that cygwin is a unix emulation layer for windows that tries to emulate unix in as many respects as possible. To change the ls source to accomadate for something windows uses to hide files, sometimes unknown from its users, would not be unix like.
Personally I like the idea. It could be implemented as yet another option that the user could choose to use but would be off by default. After all ps has the -W option which is distinctly Windows only, no?

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