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Hi all.

This has been at the back of my mind for awhile now since having to
do something for /etc/profile.default.

What I'm thinking of is a directory structure containing default files
and a script which, if the original of the default file doesn't exist,
copies it.  I'm specifically thinking of:

/etc/skel/[initial user files here]

I think creating...

/etc/defaults/etc/skel/[initial user files here]

and the script...


cd /etc/defaults
for f in `find . -type f`; do
	fDest = `echo $f | sed 's/^\.//g'`
	echo $f $fDest
	if [ ! -f $fDest ]; then
		echo Using the default version of $fDest
		cp $f $fDest
		echo $fDest is already in existance, not overwriting.


There are however, a few problems which need to be overcome.

The first is that this script, although best as a postinstall,
would have be executed _after every install_.

The other would be to get people to use it ;)

Well, that's my mental thoughts on paper(?!).  Any comments?
would it be worth doing?



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