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RE: [list] RE: problem with chroot causing Cygwin to get confused about the root directory

> > > I'm having a problem with chroot - see the following strace:
> >
> > <--snip-->
> >
> > > At the start of the strace chroot (".") has been called; it
> > succeeds
> > > at time 63935. (The same problem occurs with chroot(<full path to
> > > rootfs>) as well).
> > > Then chdir ("/") is called at time 64000. The result of
> > > conv_to_posix_path at time 2652 should be '/', but is instead
> > > /cygdrive/c/... I'll look at the Cygwin source, but has anyone else
> > > any ideas as I suspect it may take me some time to track this down.
> >
> > In the same vain, chroot . in bash goes into an infinite loop.
^^^ this second one's solved (ish)
I'm running it in a directory where /bin/sh exists and /bin/sh is a Linux
ELF file (because I'm playing with Line). when I run chroot ., Cygwin tries
to run /bin/sh, but for some reason thinks it's a script. Scripts are run
with /bin/sh, so off Cygwin goes to look for /bin/ nauseum.


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