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Re: cygwin official logo ?

On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Charles Wilson wrote:

>  > Please grant me this one conceit.  Linus likes penguins.  I like
>  > otters.
> Me too.
>  > If there is going to be an animal mascot for cygwin it should be an
>  > otter.
> Figured those FurryMuck people might be able to help -- they like to
> draw cartoon animals.  How about contacting this guy:
> This guy's "furry" persona (not sure of the terminology of this 
> subculture) is an otter, so most of his art is otter-ish.

The "furry" subculture has been around for many years.  I remember seeing
people dressed in various half-man half-other at TimeCon(tm) back in the
mid 70s.  Furry can best described as a mutation between human and
anything else.  I recall it first started with animals which had fur
(tigers, lions, cats, etc), hence the name "furry", but later branched
out to other types of animals (sometime even alien).  Many people choose
an animal that they best identify with and create a persona based on that
animal.  There are even conventions devoted to Furry Folk (ConFURance is
a popular one). 

Anyway, since he is an artist (and his work seems pretty good) and he
does otters, it might be worth a few bucks to have him create something
for Cygwin. 


> Otter info (for the truly obsessed; e.g. cgf <g> ).  Ya know, it's 
> really scary the sort of stuff that fills your bookshelf/bookmarks when 
> you're an engineer (e.g. detail oriented and trivia obsessed) and many 
> of your friends, coworkers, and their spouses are biologists, animal 
> behaviorists, or medical types.  Sometimes I scare me.
> Or maybe it's just that I was reading "Ranger Rick" magazine and 
> collecting World Wildlife Fund "Animal Cards" when my kindergarten 
> playmates were into "Highlights".
> I still scare me.

And you scare us too, Charles (just kidding :)

[interesting classification information deleted]

> --Chuck

Peter A. Castro <> or <>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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