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Re: gcj / cygwin / threads


I think you already have your answer: "threads not available"

If, for some reason, Sun's Java tools are unacceptable to you, you'll have to hook up with people of like mind who are working on GCJ and / or Cygwin support for the necessary thread functionality in order to accelerate progress towards the capabilities you want.

However, I fear you will, for the foreseeable future, remain behind the pack in terms of performance and functionality by sticking to a 3rd-party Java runtime (JVM), especially on Java's primary deployment platform. (You know--that big fat OS from that big fat company in Redmond, WA.)

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

P.S. As always, use of your shift key is strongly encouraged.

At 10:20 2002-11-29, zdys wrote:

i am trying to compile a java application using gcj under w98/cygwin. it is a multithreaded non gui server using jdk1.1. with debian it runs perfectly, compiling with gcj under cygwin i get a running java app, but as soon as i use a thread it tells me about 'threads not available'. so i quickly worte a minimalistic approach src which is listed below and shows the essential of the problem:

... [ snip indeed ] ...

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