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Re: cmd.exe as telnetd login shell: "mode con LINES=24 COLS=80" has no effect..


<pls excuse me for restarting/updating my own unanswered thread..>


A couple of people that insist on using cmd.exe as their login shell when
they telnet or ssh to our w2kserver.

When the login shell is set to "/cygdrive/c/winnt/system32/cmd",
and "putty" is the telnet client:

  1) "more < foo" does not work, it has no clue about
     the window size.
And why would it? Lines that are too long for the terminal get carried on to the next line. More just pages through the file printing to the console or terminal height.

Take a look at:

C:\> \winnt\system32\more /?

It shows you how you can set the height (max lines) explicitly.

        o tried "mode con LINES=24 COLS=80", when I
          then ran "mode con" it appeared to have "taken",
          but "more < foo" still did not page correctly

        o I tried setting LINES to no avail.

        o tried various combinations of "cmd" switches
          ( "/X" also "/A", did not try "/Y")

  2) I would also like to enable the DOSKEY command history capability,
     "Up Arrow" literally moves the cursor 1 row up.  I tried
     "doskey /reinstall" - it has no apparent effect.

  3) I had to kloosh things to get the backspace to do the
     "erase" function.  I wrapped cmd.exe inside a bash
     script that did a "stty erase ^H" before it started
     cmd.exe.  Is there a better way?

  4) If you set the shell to
     "/cygdrive/c/winnt/system32/cmd", login
     and then type "bash --login" to get a bash shell
     (dumb, but needed sometimes), bash hangs.  This
     is still a mystery.  To work around this I
     always start a bash session after the user exits
     cmd.exe - see below.
Might be because bach (when started as bash ---login) is just a login shell and not an interactive login shell. Try bash --login -i.

C:\> bash --login -i

Any help or ideas would be welcomed.  I'm beginning to lean towards
the unhappy position that we will have to use Microsoft's or
Ataman's telnetd; I would love to avoid this.

Pls understand how very much I *appreciate* the cygwin toolset, and that
I'm an ever-so-humble day in day out, sys admin/end user of your tools.

For more details on what I did see end of this e-mail.

  perl -e 'print unpack("u", "\-\=\$\!R\;V1M86XN8V\]M\"\@\`\`");'

> 17:15:45 Wed Nov 27  /adm/bin/sys/s
> C7MKES109 adm_tsr > grep build /etc/passwd|fold
> 17:50:35 Wed Nov 27  /adm/bin/sys/s
> C7MKES109 adm_tsr > cat /drv/c/adm/bin/sys/s/cmd_login_shell
#!/bin/bash -
/bin/stty erase
/bin/bash --login

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