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cmd.exe as telnetd login shell: "mode con LINES=24 COLS=80" has no effect..

<pls excuse me for restarting/updating my own unanswered thread..>


A couple of people that insist on using cmd.exe as their login shell when
they telnet or ssh to our w2kserver.

When the login shell is set to "/cygdrive/c/winnt/system32/cmd",
and "putty" is the telnet client:

  1) "more < foo" does not work, it has no clue about
     the window size.  

        o tried "mode con LINES=24 COLS=80", when I
          then ran "mode con" it appeared to have "taken",
          but "more < foo" still did not page correctly

        o I tried setting LINES to no avail.

        o tried various combinations of "cmd" switches
          ( "/X" also "/A", did not try "/Y")

  2) I would also like to enable the DOSKEY command history capability,
     "Up Arrow" literally moves the cursor 1 row up.  I tried
     "doskey /reinstall" - it has no apparent effect.

  3) I had to kloosh things to get the backspace to do the
     "erase" function.  I wrapped cmd.exe inside a bash
     script that did a "stty erase ^H" before it started
     cmd.exe.  Is there a better way?

  4) If you set the shell to 
     "/cygdrive/c/winnt/system32/cmd", login
     and then type "bash --login" to get a bash shell
     (dumb, but needed sometimes), bash hangs.  This
     is still a mystery.  To work around this I 
     always start a bash session after the user exits
     cmd.exe - see below.

Any help or ideas would be welcomed.  I'm beginning to lean towards
the unhappy position that we will have to use Microsoft's or
Ataman's telnetd; I would love to avoid this.  

Pls understand how very much I *appreciate* the cygwin toolset, and that 
I'm an ever-so-humble day in day out, sys admin/end user of your tools.

For more details on what I did see end of this e-mail.

  perl -e 'print unpack("u", "\-\=\$\!R\;V1M86XN8V\]M\"\@\`\`");'

> 17:15:45 Wed Nov 27  /adm/bin/sys/s
> C7MKES109 adm_tsr > grep build /etc/passwd|fold
> 17:50:35 Wed Nov 27  /adm/bin/sys/s
> C7MKES109 adm_tsr > cat /drv/c/adm/bin/sys/s/cmd_login_shell
#!/bin/bash -
/bin/stty erase
/bin/bash --login

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