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Re: Telnetd hangs for a while before giving login prompt

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 12:55:13PM +0100, Danilo Turina wrote:

Raghav wrote:


I have installed cygwin 1.3.16 on my win2k workstation. I have installed
inetd as a service and am running it as localsystem. I have created
passwd/group files for local users only, not domain users. rlogin is working
without any problem. But if I try to telnet my machine, it hangs for about 3
minutes or so before giving me the login prompt. This happens only if I have
logged into the domain. Even if i remove the network cable from my machine,
Prompt will appear quickly. There is no problem with reverse dns lookup --
nslookup works fine both for forward and reverse lookups. Any clue what
might be wrong? or is it a bug in telnetd?
I have the same identical problem since 1.3.13 or maybe 1.3.12.
But I have not been able to track down the causes.
On October 14th I posted this message:

Network paths in the system PATH variable?


No, my PATH only contains directories in C:
The only thing that could interfere is a NFS Client (FTP Software's InterDrive 5.0) that I suspect also causes some crashes of Explorer.
Unfortunately there's no easy way to stop its services to try if the problem goes away without it.



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