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Re: sshd installation on NT 5.0

>>>>> "CV" == Corinna Vinschen <> writes:

Thanks a lot for your help!

CV> Things to check:

I'll be back answering those asap.
Unfortunately, my host crashed (or so I believe: my session was
interrupted, and I cannot log in anymore), and my local support is not
as responsive as you...

My last attempts, a few weeks ago, had ended up in a similar way:
crash, then waiting for many days until the machine was completely
reinstalled. I had no way to investigate anything myself, and wasn't
told anything about the actual failure.

Afterwards, two things came to my mind:
- the extra errors in the event viewer logs: Perflib and rasctrs. Can
  *they* be the cause of the problem? If they took 300 bytes each, and
  there were a pair 5 times a minutes for 3 days, they took about
  13 Mb of space -- sure, nothing to explain the crash? If I get back
  to the host, I'll have a closer look at them...
- as I have installed cygwin, and packages under it, I have always
  started setup from the command line. In fact clicking on the setup
  icon wouldn't work, telling me to use the Add/[smthg] utility and
  put the host in some install mode. I even tried the utility, but
  couldn't find a source from local disk (options were CD ROM and some
  web site). Is there such an install mode, which I'd have by-passed,
  with some weird side-effects (cache flushing, registry protections,
  who knows)?

Marc Girod        P.O. Box 323        Voice:  +358-71 80 25581
Nokia NBI         00045 NOKIA Group   Mobile: +358-50 38 78415
Takomo 1 / 4c27   Finland             Fax:    +358-71 80 61604

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