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Re: Bug in Cygwin SSHD on windows XP <> wrote:
> i want to report a serious bug in the current Cygwin SSH-Deamon
> implementation at Windows XP.

Works for me.

> error message (occurs on SSH-Client):
>> Last login: Wed Nov 27 21:43:22 2002 from localhost
>> G:\CygWin\bin\bash.exe: *** could not load wsock32, Win32 error 126

126 == DLL not found.

> how to reproduce this error:
> - you need windows XP (tested only on XP Professional, while win2k
> prof works well)
> - login with public key authorisation (error occurs imediately, no
> login possible)
> - login with password authorisation (works), and open another shell
> or sftp for this session (tested with the current ""-client)

Works correctly for me.

> my investigations:
> - this error was reported 2 times here in the mailinglist:
>   but at no time followed by further investigations, due to
> report-issues
>    - no answer was posted
>    - the bug is still around
>    - and no entry on the known bugs list deals with this issue

Because vague bug reports are all we have. And no-one can reproduce it

Making sure C:\WINDOWS\system32 is in the system PATH.
Making sure that 'Everyone' has at least 'Read & Execute' perms on


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