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Bug in Cygwin SSHD on windows XP


i want to report a serious bug in the current Cygwin SSH-Deamon implementation at Windows XP.

error message (occurs on SSH-Client):
> Last login: Wed Nov 27 21:43:22 2002 from localhost
> G:\CygWin\bin\bash.exe: *** could not load wsock32, Win32 error 126

how to reproduce this error:
- you need windows XP (tested only on XP Professional, while win2k prof works well)
- login with public key authorisation (error occurs imediately, no login possible)
- login with password authorisation (works), and open another shell or sftp for this session (tested with the current ""-client)

my investigations:
- this error was reported 2 times here in the mailinglist:

  but at no time followed by further investigations, due to report-issues
   - no answer was posted
   - the bug is still around
   - and no entry on the known bugs list deals with this issue

- bug seems to be windows XP related, as the 2 former reports used XP too
- i've reinstalled the entire cygwin + open-ssh (current versions) for investigations
- password authorisation works (with one shell per session, also multiple sessions with the same user)
- verbose option on the server reports, no error - authorisation is successfull, but session ends imediatly
- viewing the environment variables, shows no differences between password and public-key authorisation

my trials to solve this issue included:
- testing different users and configurations+rights => no changes
- setting "UsePrivilegeSeparation" to "no" => no changes
- removing "ntsec" from environment + sshd-params => no changes

that the date of the last login is shown and updated, shows that the authorisation 
was successful and the shell is executed.
that normal password authorisation works, shows that all pathes rights are ok.

to me it seems to be a really difficult issue. (seems not only to involve sshd)
i hope some of the further experienced developers can reproduce an investigate this issue.

as far as i can help you investigating this bug, i will try to help.
but i have no experience in debugging in cygwin.

with greets and respect
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