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Re: apache 1.3.27 on cygwin 1.3.16-1

Hi Paul,

Paul Nolan schrieb:
> Hi,
> I found your web site while looking for a reason why
> apache doesn't work properly on the latest cygwin version,
> actually I don't think it worked properly on cygwin 1.3.12 either.

it works, but not stable as my experiences have shown. I got now running with apache-1.3.27 since some
time and that working as expected, it's cygwin-1.3.10-2 underneith.

There is something wrong in the cygwin-1.3.12 (and up) versions
concerning Apache.

> Basically it doesn't load share properly across all running
> processes. If you look at the server-status page. Only one process is
> ever listed.

Can you snapshot the html output and mail it to me.

> I found your server-status page at
> it looks fine.
> What version of cygwin are you running???

It runns "old" 1.3.10-2. Which is currently the only one working
reliable and stable for me. 

I'd like to hear from the Cygwin core guys what connection or socket
internal things have changed since then.

> I've noticed if you set MaxRequestsPerChild to 50 to see what happens
> when the process it suppose to be refreshed, it stops and the page can't
> be loaded.
> NOTE: Turn KeepAlive Off as well so that each page load counts as a request.
> i.e. Change the following in the default cygwin apache httpd.conf that
> comes with the cygwin release. Current that apache is 1.3.24 (the
> behavior is still there in the current release of apache 1.3.27 as well)

yep, it's not inside Apache, I suppose the problem is resulting from
some change in Cygwin itself since 1.3.10-2. I had any apache version
running successfully on cygwin-1.3.10-2.

> KeepAlive Off
> MaxRequestsPerChild   50
> After 50 page loads of server-status apache will lock-up.
> Have you seen this behavior?

yes, unfortunatly.

If you are interested in getting this fixed ASAP, please enfore the
cygwin developers to have a deeper look into this. My time is
currently very limited.

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