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Re: sshd installation on NT 5.0

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 10:53:03AM +0200, Marc Girod wrote:
> I installed the crypt libs, but they didn't bring in any
> cygcrypto.dll.

It's the OpenSSL package you're missing.  The crypt package is only
supporting DES password and is mainly for 9x users to create a password
for /etc/passwd.

> Also, I wonder the search path. There is D:\cygwin\usr\sbin in it, but
> not D:\cygwin\usr\lib where the other dlls are found...

/lib contains only link libs needed for linking against the corresponding
dlls.  /lib/foo.dll.a is the link lib against /bin/foo.dll, basically.
There are no DLLs in /lib, except for applications which explicitely load
them from there.

> There is something about the owner of /var/empty, which is in my case
> SYSTEM ("standard configuration"). Shouldn't I change it to 'sshd' (as
> I chose the privsep install option), and why didn't ssh-host-config do
> it?

The owner must be the same who starts the sshd parent process.  That's
SYSTEM on NT/2K/XP boxes (as it's "root" on Unices).


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