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accessing cygwin functions from non-cygwin app


while I was trying to understand this on my own I'm ready to give up. All I intended was translating a coupld of filenames from cygwin to Win32 notation in an otherwise Win32-only app. I quickly realized that cygwin1.dll does not do all the necessary initialization on its own, i.e. from DllMain. Instead it appears that I am expected to explicitly call one or more functions inside the DLL to perform thisinitialization. However, whatever I tried (dll_crt0, dll_dllcrt0) didn't work (i.e. crashed due to insufficient prior initialization), but cygwin_attach_dll is neither exported from the DLL nor would it, from its use inside the sources, appear to be meant for the case I'm dealing with (where a main executaböle directly attaches to cygwin1.dll). And even if this is the function to use, then I have a problem using it as the application cannot be expected to have access to the perprocess class (nor is the app a C++ app, and neither is it being built with gcc) or other cygwin sources, and it also cannot link against libcygwin.a.
Any advice on what I am missing here in this as I originally thought simple scenario would be very welcome - thank you in advance!


i.A. Jan Beulich
Software Engineer Senior
Novell Core OS Engineering

Novell, the leading provider of Net business solutions.

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