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Re: impure_ptr/Mingw and cygwin

[one more for the archives]
On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 04:51:38PM -0800, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>If this were really so then why, if I don't specify -I/usr/include I get 
>getopt.h not found?!? I should be found in /usr/include/getopt.h no?

/usr/include is for cygwin apps.  If you add -I/usr/include you subvert
the normal operation of -mno-cygwin by including cygwin-only header
files which is *specifically* what -mno-cygwin is avoiding.  The system
include area for -mno-cygwin is /usr/include/mingw.

The same applies for library files.  The system area for libraries when
-mno-cygwin is active is /usr/lib/mingw.

(This is a simplification because it isn't exactly like this for gcc 3.2
but it is close enough)

In any event adding a library path to /usr/lib or an include path search
to /usr/include is *asking for trouble*.

>In any event, after reading up on this problem in the MingW mailing list 
>I find that I am not the only one with this problem. Seems that -liberty 
>does indeed have the code for getopt but there is no mingw header file 
>that defines the interface. My solution ended up being define the getopt 
>API by hand and put it in my own mksf.h header file. Ugly but it works.

Did you send a bug report or patch to the mingw mailing list?


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