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Re: gcc problem?

I didn't program in C for a long time but as far as I remember,
scanf read 1 string using white space as separator.

to enter aaa bbb ccc
you need scanf("%s %s %s", ...) or gets

use gets
or scanf("%s", ..)
followed by
but you loose the extra typed words

hope this helps.

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 10:46:26 +0800, "Carlo Florendo" <>

>Ever since I installed a newer cygwin, I've encountered problems which I
>didn't encounter before.  First, there was the
>"ls -l"problem which has not yet been resolved (and which is threaded as "ls
>problem" in this list.).  Just today, i discovered something wrong while
>using gcc.  I  compiled the snippet below and it's supposed to prompt me for
>input twice.  However, I only get prompted once.  (Using the visual c++
>compiler, the borland 5.5 compiler gives the correct results)

The reverse is true for the example below: ie you were encountering
problems before, but not realising it.

>My gcc version is 2.95.3-5.
>Cygwin version is The cygwin1.dll version I am using is
>-----------begin snippet-------------
>#include <stdio.h>
>int main()
>   int n;
>   char string[80];
>   for ( n=0 ; n<2 ; n++ )
>   {
>     printf( "Enter some words: " );
>     scanf( "%s", string);
>     printf( "The first word you entered is : %s\n", string );
>     fflush ( stdin );
^^^hint: "while('\n'!=getchar());"
>   }
>   return 0;

You can't flush(stdin). Nothing wrong with Cygwin here, simply the other
compilers implementing stuff that isn't part of the language. The FAQ
for comp.lang.c or alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ will no doubt give you
ample insight.

CHAUVIERE Jean-Raymond
06 80 38 01 14

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