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Re: Cygwin causes 0x00000024 Stop Error (BLUE SCREEN)

Since 6/7 months I have 0x0000000a errors with my PC (Win2K SP3), the problem is very simple: when XFree is running and there is a write to /etc I got a blue screen.
Here are the steps I perform:

* start XFree (XWin+WindowMaker+ all that is launched by startxwin.bat);
* open a xterm;
* touch /etc/pippo (or any other file you want, within /etc).

Crash dump says the problem is caused by NaiFiltr.dll (McAfee). Perfect, I will disable McAfee (disable system scanning and all other scannings, close applications, stop services, disable services, rename McAfee directory in order to be sure it will not load, reboot).

But when I retry (with McAfee disabled), I got another nice blue screen, now the cause seems to be ntoskrnl.exe.

Looking at the stack I understand that when file system is modified in some way the OS will inform varios applications (maybe registered ones?) of the occurred modifications, so that they can do something (e.g. when the antivirus knows that a file is modified it will scan the file). It seems that the blue screnn occurs when the OS try to perform this notification.

The stack follows:

be6f59c8 80495801 8158cb00 00000001 00000020 nt!PsChargePoolQuota+0x50
be6f5a6c bfe7ec5b 8188d6e8 8187cbc8 e2728810 nt!FsRtlNotifyFullReportChange+0x46d
be6f5afc bfe8d9c4 814791a8 e29da4c8 e2728808 Ntfs!NtfsUpdateFileDupInfo+0x213
be6f5b30 bfe8c12e 814791a8 814735c8 814ed988 Ntfs!NtfsSetBasicInfo+0x34b
be6f5bc4 bfe7cb68 814791a8 814ed988 8187c800 Ntfs!NtfsCommonSetInformation+0x467
be6f5c34 8041f79f 8187c800 814ed988 814edaf4 Ntfs!NtfsFsdSetInformation+0xbf
be6f5c48 80498e2f be6f5d64 0240f9dc 80498acf nt!IopfCallDriver+0x35
be6f5d48 80465091 000000a4 0240fa08 0240f9e0 nt!NtSetInformationFile+0x58a
be6f5d48 77f839cf 000000a4 0240fa08 0240f9e0 nt!KiSystemService+0xc4
0240f9c0 77e9678c 000000a4 0240fa08 0240f9e0 ntdll!NtSetInformationFile+0xb
0240fa10 61089a06 000000a4 00000000 0240fa50 KERNEL32!BasepCopyFileCallback+0x53
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
0240fdc0 61089bc5 615f1228 00000000 615f374c cygwin1!utimes+0x136
0240fe00 0040139a 615f1228 00000000 000001b6 cygwin1!utime+0x55
0240fe80 004020af 615f1228 00401a79 0240fec0 touch+0x139a
0240fec0 610072d8 00000002 615f0ea0 0a040288 touch+0x20af
0240ff10 610075bd 610caa58 fffffffe 00000034 cygwin1!_assert+0x6248
0240ff60 00409a23 00000000 00000000 814701b0 cygwin1!dll_crt0+0x1bd
0240ff90 0040103d 00401b70 ffffffff 80430f47 touch+0x9a23
0240ffc0 77ea847c 0022e7b4 0022f854 7ffdf000 touch+0x103d
0240fff0 00000000 00401000 00000000 000000c8 KERNEL32!CompareStringW+0x41b

I tried to solve this problem (or at least to understand the cause) many times. I always failed. Now when I run setup.exe, before the installation begins I always shut down XFree.

Note that this problem occurs with my machine at work, but at home (again Win2K SP3) I have no problem.

Daniel Armbrust wrote:

> Every time that I run the cygwin installer program, when it finishes
> downloading packages, and moves to the install step, it bluescreen
> crashes my Windows XP machine (service pack 1) with the following error:
> STOP: 0x00000024 (0x001902FA, ..., ...) (I didn't take the time to write
> down the last to parameters)
> Upon reboot, when I run through the install process again, it works
> fine, since the packages have already been downloaded. After the
> install is complete, all of the cygwin apps work fine.
> Here is what I think may be a cause (but I know nothing about cygwin
> internals, so its just a guess):
> The reason that I suspect that this is a cygwin installer issue, and not
> a driver issue, is that this machine never crashes with ANY other
> software.
> Furthermore, I have an NT 4.0 machine (service pack 6) at work, with a
> completely different hardware setup (so all drivers are different) and
> again, while it NEVER crashes like this with any other software, the
> cygwin installer causes a STOP error EVERY TIME it is run.
> Fixing this problem would be a great benefit to your software package.
> Having the installer bluescreen a high percentage of machines on install
> is obviously not a good thing.

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