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Re: Cygwin causes 0x00000024 Stop Error (BLUE SCREEN)

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 03:16, Daniel Armbrust wrote:
> Every time that I run the cygwin installer program, when it finishes
> downloading packages, and moves to the install step, it bluescreen
> crashes my Windows XP machine (service pack 1) with the following error:

Does it creash before or after the dialog box appears that says

  Installation complete


If that doesn't show up, then it's not a setup.exe issue per se (or at
least not the interesting and unpleasant kb article you found :}). If
it's not setup triggering that

If you set your machine to write a minidump file (or a normal dump file
on NT 4), you can use the MS debugging tools to get a backtrace of the
failure. That *might* indicate the running program that failed. There
are a number of sub programs (post install scripts) that setup.exe runs,
but it's would surprise me to have those tickle a bug after a download
and not when installing from local dir.

If the NT 4 machine crashes every time, would you be willing to run a
special debug version of setup, that will write it's log entries to the
event log? They should be visible post install then, and you can tell us
what the last ones recorded are.

Oh, and finally, I second Max's comments - blue screen == kernel oops ==
OS bug.


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