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Re: pipe performance problem

> Randall R Schulz <> wrote:

> I don't know what sort of system you're using, but as desktops go, mine's
> pretty high-performance: 2.4 GHz processor, PC 3100 RAM; dual-channel 
> Ultra-160 SCSI controller with fast disks segregated from slow ones; CD 
> recorder on SCSI. I have two Ultra 160 hard drives and one slow one (I 
> think it runs at 40 MB/sec, but it could be 20).

I've got a XP2000+, PC 2100 RAM and a single IDE 7200rpm
drive. Writer is Plextor 241040A IDE, they don't make SCSI anymore
unfortunately :( Both devices are master on their own channel with no
slaves. I'd pretty much rule out a performance problem here.

> So, where do I get this CD recording software you're using? I don't know if 
> you built it yourself or got a pre-built binary, but I think I'd like to 
> configure and build it myself. Is that an option?

I tried binaries and also built myself.

You can get binaries and sources at:

But the official location for sources is (ignore the alpha):

Note that the developer recommends to make them with smake under cygwin.
You can get smake sources from here:

> [ See what you can do about that broken shift key, OK? ]

Sorry :)


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