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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cURL 7.10.2

cURL has been updated to version 7.10.2-1

Along with a number of bugfixes, this release includes these changes:

 o PFD versions of much documentation are included in the tarball
 o Transfer-Encoding: chunked for uploads are now supported

See the following URL for full release details, including bugs fixed:


To obtain this update, run Cygwin's setup.exe wizard. If you don't
already have a prior version installed, you'll need to select "curl" 
from the packages list (under the "Web" category). If you don't have
setup.exe, you can get it by clicking the "Install Now!" icon at

Since downloads are not allowed from (due to 
bandwidth limitations), you will need to find a mirror which has 
this update. Not all mirrors will have been updated at the time this
announcement is made. If your usual mirror doesn't have the latest 
version of this package, you can either wait for the site to be 
updated or select another mirror.

If you have Cygwin-related questions or comments, please send them 
to the Cygwin mailing list: <>. This includes ideas 
and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin in general.

If you have non-Cygwin-specific questions regarding cURL, please
visit the cURL mailing lists page (
You can view the archives online, or subscribe, or find the 
address(es) to which you can send a question or comment.

-- Kevin Roth 



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