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m68k-elf-gcc problems under Cygwin


I'm having a problem running the m68k elf toolchain compiler under Cygwin.

I've downloaded the precompiled binary toolchain (m68k-elf-20020410.tar.gz)

After unzipping (with gunzip) and untarring the toolchain, I *should* be
able to
use the m68k compiler 'right out of the box' so to speak.

The error message I am receiving is:

/m68k-elf-gcc: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

I get the same error message whether I supply the compiler with arguments or
no arguments.

**Things I've done ( Under Windows98SE )

I downloaded the toolchain a three (3) different times. Each time I unpacked
the toolchain and tried to use the m68k compiler, with no luck.

I downloaded an older toolchain and tried out the m68k compiler again. I
still receive the same error message.

**Things I've done ( Under WIN2K )

I installed Cygwin again, and once again tried to use the m68k-elf-gcc
compiler, again receiving the same error message.

**Things I've done ( Under a Linux 2.4.X kernel )

Aha, the m68k-elf-gcc compiler does NOT give me the same error message.

**Things I've done ( google/newsgroups )

I've seen the same problem that I'm having on a ucLinux mailing list. There
no resolution ( aside from the suggestion to not use Cygwin ). Aside from
small thread, I haven't found anything useful.

>From the testing above, my assumption is that something in the Cygwin
environment is not set up properly. However I'm not sure what it could be.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? Is there a resolution?



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