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Re: .rhosts on W2K w/o ntsec


Use "cygstart docFile" instead of "cmd /c docFile" Cygstart doesn't require the execute bit on the document file as "cmd /c" does.

I don't know how cygstart works internally, but I imagine it looks up the association and launches the appropriate application without regard for the execute bits on the document file being opened.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 10:42 2002-11-20, Christian Mueller wrote:
I just did some tests with CYGWIN=ntsec and it seems as if it's better than it used to be a year ago or so. The only thing that doesn't work is typing something like "cmd /c xxx.doc" to start the according application automatically if the according file is not executable but I can write a little script that looks into /proc/registry and figures out how to open a file of a given type.

I'll give it a shot, convert all my files to NT security and see how it goes. Thanks again.


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