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Re: .rhosts on W2K w/o ntsec

> Also, the directories created by Cygwin with ntsec do have
> inheritance turned on. In fact that inheritance determines the
> ACL of files created by Cygwin when ntsec is off, and also the
> ACL created by most Windows applications. Incidentally you
> can display these "stupid permissions" with getfacl and change
> them with setfacl, so you could add Administrators if needed.

Hmmm.... it seems as if you mis-interpreted (is this a word?) my problem: The permissions set by Cygwin with "ntsec" are absolutely OK. I'm having problems with permissions set by *native* Windows programs when they create files in my Cygwin home directory....
I just did some tests with CYGWIN=ntsec and it seems as if it's better than it used to be a year ago or so. The only thing that doesn't work is typing something like "cmd /c xxx.doc" to start the according application automatically if the according file is not executable but I can write a little script that looks into /proc/registry and figures out how to open a file of a given type.

I'll give it a shot, convert all my files to NT security and see how it goes. Thanks again.


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