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Re: patch(1) (Win32) and path separators

At 01:10 PM 11/19/2002, Parish wrote:
>patch(1) on Win32 seems to insist on '\' rather than '/' in the paths in diffs. This is somewhat at odds with diff(1) which uses '/', even on Windows.
>According to the manpage there is no option to change this behaviour.
>I have d/l the sources but have yet to build it (am I correct that it needs gcc to build, i.e. won't build with MSVC++?) with the intention of making my own version that works with '/'.
>Can anyone confirm that there isn't an undocumented option (cmd line or build) to make it use '/'? If there isn't, why is it that the Windows version works this way, especially when diff(1) DTRT?

What patch are you using?  The Cygwin version works fine with '/'.  I have
to assume that since you mention the "Windows version" that your talking 
about a native port and not the patch that's available through Cygwin.
If that's a proper assumption, you don't have the right forum to discuss the 
Windows native version of patch.  This list discusses Cygwin-related issues


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