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Re: gcc (as.exe) install error

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 03:46:54PM -0600, Danny Sauer wrote:
>Ok, so I found what appears to be my problem.  I had installed cygwin
>to a network drive (samba running on a linux machine).  Apperently, the
>installer expects to be able to create symlink-like files on the Win2K
>system that it was running on, and those don't work over the samba server.
>I ran the reinstaller to a local drive, and it now works just fine.
>This is somewhat irritating, as it means that I've gotta install this
>environment locally on every machine that I'd like to use it on, was well
>as updating each instalation individually.  Is there a way around this?
>Is this issue a known bug, or should I further investigate my setup?

setup uses old-style symlinks which don't work reliably on a samba-mounted
partition, although with newer versions of samba that may change.  You
can just remove and recreate the symlinks and they should work ok.

There isn't any automated way to do this but it should be relatively trivial
to write a script, something like:

  foreach f *; do
      t=`readlink $f 2>/dev/null`
      [ -z "$t" ] && continue
      rm -f $f
      ln -s $t $f

Do this in the /bin and /usr/i686-pc-cygwin/bin directories.

I HAVE NOT tried the above so you should be very careful before
trying it.


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