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Re: How do I stop newly-created files from being +x?

Francis Litterio <> wrote:

> I'm using Cygwin 1.3.15-1 with ntsec on an NTFS filesystem.  I have my
> umask set to "077", and when I create a new file from a Cygwin
> application, it's permissions are "rw-r--r--", which is what I expect.
> But if I create a new file from a non-Cygwin application (e.g., copy a
> file using Explorer), Cygwin applications show its permissions as
> "rwxr-xr-x", which is not what I expect.

Sorry, thats the way Windows works. Cygwin can't influence non-Cygwin apps.

> Is there any way to make it so that files created by non-Cygwin
> applications do not appear executable to Cygwin applications?

Turn off ntsec?
Patch Cygwin to use its nontsec 'work out whether it is executable' code
even in ntsec mode?

> I think this is happening because the ACLs on my directory are:
> c:\franl MYDOMAIN\litterio:(OI)(CI)F
> MYDOMAIN\Domain Users:(OI)(CI)R
> Everyone:(OI)(CI)R
> I think this is happening because the "F" (full control) access is
> marked "(OI)(CI)" (object inherit + container inherit).  I've played
> with cacls.exe to attempt to fix this, but to no avail.

If you do 'fix' this, then you are likely to have problems with .exe and
.dll files being unable to run.


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