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Re: /bin/shutdown on ME

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

Quoting from the ExitWindowsEx page on MSDN:
Windows 95/98/Me: ExitWindowEx does not work from a console application.
(the typo is theirs)

One solution I tried, consequently, is making shutdown into a window
(WinMain) application, using the run program as a template. No luck so
far. I can post the code I currently have, in case others have further

If you run shutdown from a bash session in one of the old versions of rxvt (the ones that were compiled as a GUI app) it works fine on Win98.

Personally I have two version of rxvt on my machine, the regular console compiled one (-Wl,--subsystem,console) and one that is compiled as a GUI app (-Wl,--subsystem,windows) and I rename it to rxvtw.

I do this because the way that cygwin interacts console programs tends to lock up my machine every once in a while. Though I blame the Trident 9750 video driver since I get pretty patterns on the screen when it locks up.

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