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Help With PostgreSQL On Cygwin

I am trying to install PostgreSQL on Windows using Cygwin and am having some troubles I am hoping someone at Cygwin can help me with.
I downloaded the Base portion of the install of Cygwin, along with PostgresSQL, nothing more.  I then, ran Cygwin and from the bash shell executed the command 'initdb'.  I received the following error....
$ initdb -D /data
The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "oracle".
This user must also own the server process.
creating directory /data... ok
creating directory /data/base... ok
creating directory /data/global... ok
creating directory /data/pg_xlog... ok
creating directory /data/pg_clog... ok
creating template1 database in /data/base/1... IpcSemaphoreCreate: semget(key=1,
 num=17, 03600) failed: Function not implemented
initdb failed.
Removing /data.

I am thinking perhaps I need to install other Cygwin components, but not sure what, or if that's even the issue at all.
FYI: On another machine, I tried going the pure Linux way on Windows, which I've setup successfully many times on Linux, but was unable to find a GNU make (gmake) program for Windows in order to perform the install.  
Another note... on the site, it mentions that you can either install in a Linux fashion if you download Cygwin, or you can compile the win32.mak file delivered with the source to create 4 dlls.  But I am not sure if this allows you to run PostgreSQL without a bash shell or not.  
In general, I am just hoping someone can help me get the db storage area initialized so I can create the actual database.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Chris Schneider

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