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Postgresql installation problems.

I'm trying to install postgresql on windows XP.  I did follow the
documentation, and installed ipc-deamon (cygipc).  I'm using
ipc-daemon 1.13-2

I have a problem getting the ipc-deamon to work.  When I run
ipc-daemon --install-as-service, it doesn't want to start.

When I use cygrunsrv and tell that the args are --service.  In
that case it runs for about 5 seconds and then dies and I can't
find a reason.

If I then change the args to --service --debug-level=2, it seems
to stay running.

If I then try my initdb, it hangs itself creating the template1
database, like in case the ipc-daemon isn't running.

Note that the documentation says that you have to run initdb
before you start the ipc-daemon service, but I thought that that
is wrong and initdb requires the service too.

I've also tried just running "ipc-daemon &", but that didn't seem
to help either, it always hangs creating the database.

Anybody seen this problem before, and now how to get it to work?


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