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Mirrors very slow?

On  16 Nov 02, Henry S. Thompson writes:
> Am I the only one who has found the mirrors very slow to get synced
> lately?  None of the recently announcement packages are available at
> any of the mirrors I've checked, and over the last few weeks it's
> sometimes taken two or three days for things to appear.

Generally speaking, there's nothing much Cygwin can do about mirrors.
However, there is a "check-mirrors" script that runs every night.  It
checks a list of "putative mirrors" and those that are out of date
don't make it to the "verified" mirrors list, which you can read at
<>, and which is checked by setup.exe
when you run it.

If mirrors are *very* out of date, but still make it to the verified
list, there might be a problem with the check-mirrors script.

I don't think check-mirrors is so strict that it will de-list mirrors
which are just a couple of days behind.  You just have to hunt around
to find one that works well for you, if you need the very latest


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