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Re: 3rd time lucky? Apache startup woes

Hi Igor,

On Friday 15 Nov 2002 4:12 pm, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Gary,
> I don't know much about rebase, but I do have a few minor comments related
> to cygwin.  See below.
> First off, non-cygwin programs will at best see \cygwin\usr\bin as empty,
> and at worst it won't exist at all.  /usr/bin in cygwin is a mount point
> for /bin, and its contents (which are the same as those of /bin) can only
> be seen by cygwin programs.

Fair enough, I've changed my references to c:\cygwin\bin where required.

> Secondly, you'll need to post the exact errors you're getting from rebase.
> One possibility that comes to mind is that the DLLs are in use, and thus
> rebase fails to write to them.  Are you certain you are not running any
> programs that use these DLLs?

Unfortunately, I can't redirect the output from the batch file so, but I'll 
type example error messages here (I'm also getting another error having fixed 
a number of errors in the batch - included again below):

c:\cygwin\bin\cygtclpip80.dll: skilled because not rebaseable
ReBaseImage (C:\cygwin\bin\tix4180.dll) failed with last error = 6

I get the  not rebaseable error on the libphp4.dll file.

> Thirdly, you cannot run the same script as both a batch file and a shell
> script.  The differences between the two scripts may hold a clue as to why
> it's not working.

I understand this and did make the appropriate differences e.g. DOS commands 
instead of BASH ones, DOS/Unix file format etc.  However based on the bit 
about REBASE not being a Cygwin app, the .sh file has been dumped.


rebase.bat V2

cd \cygwin\bin
c:\cygwin\rebase -v -b 0x68000000 -d cygXpm-X4.dll cygXpm-noX4.dll 
cygbz2-1.dll cygbz21.0.dll cygcrypto.dll cygcurl-2.dll cygform5.dll 
cygform6.dll cyggdbm.dll cyghistory4.dll cyghistory5.dll cyghttpd.dll 
cygiconv-2.dll cygintl-1.dll cygintl-2.dll cygintl.dll cygitcl30.dll 
cygitk30.dll cygjbig1.dll cygjpeg6b.dll cygltdl-3.dll cygmenu5.dll 
cygmenu6.dll cygncurses++5.dll cygncurses++6.dll cygncurses5.dll 
cygncurses6.dll cygpanel5.dll cygpanel6.dll cygpcre.dll cygpcreposix.dll 
cygpng10.dll cygpng12.dll cygpng2.dll cygpopt-0.dll cygreadline4.dll 
cygreadline5.dll cygregex.dll cygssl.dll cygtcl80.dll cygtclpip80.dll 
cygtclreg80.dll cygtiff3.dll cygtk80.dll cygxml2-2.dll cygz.dll ecpg.dll 
libW11.dll libperl5_6_1.dll libpython2.2.dll mingwm10.dll pgeasy.dll pq++.dll 
pq.dll tix4180.dll
cd c:\cygwin\lib\apache
c:\cygwin\rebase -v -b 0x68000000 -d libphp4.dll

> And last of all, judging from Jason's comments on rebasing cygwin1.dll,
> rebase itself may not be a cygwin program.  If it's not, the last entry on
> the above line will not be recognized as a valid path.
> 	Igor

Gary Stainburn
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