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Setup installed to c:/cygwin/usr/bin

I have spent some time looking for a reference to this problem, but have not
come across it.

OS: Win2K
Installed cygwin via setup (both download and install), pretty much accepted the
defaults. Installed to C:\cygwin. Worked well.

Returned a few weeks later to add a few more packages. Setup appeared
to work well, but the new packages did not appear in /bin. Upon investigation,
I located the files in C:\cygwin\usr\bin. I moved them into C:\cygwin\bin,
and things seem to be working OK.

Why did they go into C:\cygwin\usr\bin? The standard global mounts are
there under HKLM.

Below is a portion of setup.log.full showing the installation of the man package.
What's with the '///'?

Norton Allen

2002/11/14 19:51:20 Installing file://C:\home\nort-root\My 
For filefile://C:\home\nort-root\My 
n/release/man/man-1.5g-2.tar.gz ini digest iscc4e32fd649ff255ddd2fe2b4591a002 file 
digest is cc4e32fd649ff255ddd2fe2b4591a002
Installing file cygfile:///usr/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/bin/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/bin/apropos
Installing file cygfile:///usr/bin/man.exe
Installing file cygfile:///usr/bin/man2html.exe
Installing file cygfile:///usr/bin/whatis
Installing file cygfile:///usr/lib/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/lib/man.conf
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man1/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man1/apropos.1
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man1/man.1
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man1/man2html.1
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man1/whatis.1
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man5/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man5/man.conf.5
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man8/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/man/man8/makewhatis.8
Installing file cygfile:///usr/sbin/
Installing file cygfile:///usr/sbin/makewhatis
compress::~compress called
compress::~compress called
2002/11/14 19:51:27 mbox note: Installation Complete
2002/11/14 19:51:28 Ending cygwin install

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