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Again: Cygwin SSHD on Win2000 - only ONE login possible


Since noone helps me I have to search for solutions myself:

It seems that the sshd binds only to the local adress after the first login.

When I start sshd for the first time it listens on all available interfaces, i. e. loopback (localhost) and its IP Adress
So I can connect from another computer.

After the first login it binds only to localhost - I can still use ssh to the same machine (or telnet localhost 22) - but not from outside.

After a "net stop sshd / net start sshd" it again listens on both devices - one time (!) as before.

I found a workaround for me, I explicitely told ssh to listen on in sshd_config, now it works as expected although I lost the "local" ssh possibility - but that's quite useless.

But anyhow - it seems to be a bug, or?




Tino Lange wrote:

Hi again!

Today I updated to the new login & Co - hoping that it maybe solves my
problem with the sshd on Win 2000.
But the problem is still the same: I can only login *once* - that's it.
Then I have to restart the sshd service (which was still running, not
gone with the first login)

Does really noone have an idea?




Tino Lange wrote:


I have just installed the latest Cygwin with the lastest SSH (versions
from today) and prepared my machine as a ssh server with "ssh-host-config".

I'm using Privilege Separation and the sshd user, just like the script

It works fine, but only for the *very first* login.
After one sucessful login the sshd process is still running but it's not
possible to connect to port 22 anymore - it seems there's noone
listening again.
(Even while I'm logged in I cannot connect twice)

At the moment I can only login once, then restart the service (net stop
/ net start).

Any ideas?
What am I doing wrong?



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