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Re: Notice of intention to release Perl module specific to Cygwin

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002 21:08:08 GMT, "Gerrit P. Haase" <>
wrote in"> 

>> on Cygwin, there is always going to be more than one
>> canonical-ly-correct way to refer to a file by path name (!!): 

> [...]
>> So my present analysis is that my module belongs in a base namespace
>> of "Filesys::" and maybe could be named "CygwinPaths"? I think it
>> would keep the maintainer of Cygwin Perl happy -- or should -- if
>> named like this. 
>> What do YOU think?
> If you like, why not introduce a namespace CYGWIN:: or Cygwin::, e.g.
> there are several modules you didn't mention which are supposed to run
> *for* or *with* a specific application like Apache:: or XMail:: or
> PLP:: or YAML::, so why not introduce the namespace Cygwin:: (if you
> look at Cygwin like just another application).
> I would be perfectly happy with a Cygwin:: namespace!

Gerrit, as you've seen now if you've been keeping up with replies on the 
module-authors List (which I think you have), there's some feeling 
expressed so far against that. On the balance, unless and until someone 
else checks in with a cogent and authoritative proposal to the contrary 
(and the comment about File::Spec:: wasn't completely off the mark but it 
doesn't fit, IMO), I think a second-level namespace is going to win the 
project more friends and support in the Perl community.

In no way does that mean that someone (me, or not me) could not add (or 
argue for adding) a Cygwin:: module down the road. I just don't see my 
module as needing that kind of "big umbrella" to sit under.

BTW, glitches permitting, I am going to be uploading v0.03 to my CPAN space 
(SOMIAN in the Authors index) tonight. I think this is the good one, the 
first real serious grown-up release that's actually ready to be used a 
little for some actual work (please don't try to design guided-missile 
controls around it though, I beg of one and all).

Filesys-CygwinPaths-0.03.tar.gz. Cygwin-perl users, meet your new friend.

    Soren A

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