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Serial port problems with cygwin1.dll 1.3.15 on Win98SE

When using a cross debugger (m68k-palmos-gdb) talking to a Palm device
via the serial port on W98SE my system completely hangs.
What I have been able to deduce is that it happens as soon as the Palm
sends a debug packet to the PC.
M68k-palmos-gdb opens the serial port, sets the baudrate to 57600 and puts
the port in raw mode.
You can still interrupt the program and do other things after this, provided
the Palm has not sent any data yet.
As soon as it sends data (e.g. when you start the program you want to debug)
the whole system hangs. Ctrl-Alt-Delete gives a blue screen etc.

I went back to older versions of cygwin1.dll and everything works fine up to
version 1.3.14. So something happened between 1.3.14 and 1.3.15.
I suspect some of the recent changes to

Any hints on how to debug this? snapshots to try?
Output from cygcheck -s -r -v attached.

Ton van Overbeek

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